A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made by a team of students during a society-held game jam event in less than 24 hours. The theme was "Out of the blue".

Try and outrun the ever-rising water in this never ending platformer. Watch out for the breaking wooden platforms and be careful on the moving ones.

Art: Ben Fishwick, Ella Souter, Ena Kekinova, Honor Dunham, Mihaela Ciora, Slavena Lacheva

Auidio: Anton Chrapovickij

Programming: Tom Woodley, George McDonagh

Install instructions

You may need 7Zip to extract the downloaded file.

Download and extract the files from WaveCave (x64).7z. Run "Wave Cave.exe". Enjoy!


WaveCave (x64).7z 416 MB

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