A downloadable game for Windows

A 2D space shooter where your main goal is to survive for as long as possible while collecting coins dropped by the asteroids you destroy.

The coins you pick up can be used to buy upgrades in the store which can provide temporary boosts like regenerative ammunition. More expensive upgrades  can be bought which grant you enhancements that last the duration of the game.


  • Z: Pew pew
  • X: Boom
  • Arrow Keys: Move
  • S: Ka-Ching! (Store)
  • P: Pause

Install instructions

Download the .zip folder and extract the contents anywhere you'd like - the game can even be played from a flash drive. Open the extracted folder and run setup.exe and the installer will run. After a moment the game should finish installing and open! Have fun!


SpaceGame2000.zip 6 MB

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